What is Skre?

SKRE Hunting and Outdoor Gear

Gear Junkies

I have become somewhat of a gear junkie over the last decade. With each passing year, I find myself venturing deeper and deeper into the back-country. Hunting many miles from a trail head requires gear that is both light weight, functional, dependable and ultimately gives hunters the edge. Much of the gear I use allows me to extend my back country adventures. Quality stoves, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, etc. can indirectly help mountain hunters achieve their back-country quest by extending their stay. However, gear that can play a direct role in putting hunters within striking distance of the trophy of a lifetime is arguably the most important gear in a hunter’s Arsenal. I speak of Extreme Mountain hunting apparel.

Skre Gear

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding SKRE Gear. I often get asked, “what does SKRE offer that other hunting apparel companies do not.” SKRE offers a layering kit that is ultralight, mountain durable, and guaranteed breathable. However, it is SKRE’s revolutionary MTN-STEALTH pattern that has taken mountain concealment to a whole new level. MTN-STEALTH is not only revolutionary but highly effective in multiple biomes. Closing the distance has now become a reality. Here is a brief explanation describing the science behind MTN-STEALTH Concealment.

Fractal Shapes Ignored as Common-place

We skre2see fractals in many forms, snowflakes, rocks, trees, mountains, brush, and grasses. The subconscious notices these fractal shapes, and once the brain has identified them as natural and commonplace in particular settings, it retains those shapes. When the visual part of the brain analyzes a setting, it quickly notes the common fractals it’s seen in the past and ignores them, treating them as background noise – not something which requires further scrutiny. If the pattern is not a fractal – such as a random placement of blobs, it may in-fact stand out to the visual system. If the fractal is a lake shape fractal in a timbered setting, again the subconscious will note that something is out of place. MTN-STEALTH has utilized the right balance of geometric shapes and colors to bring you a concealment pattern that is the most effective & universal concealment pattern on the planet.

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