The Progression Series | Episode 5 – Spring Turkey

Episode 5 of The Progression Series is dedicated to spring turkey hunting, bringing you along on 4 very different hunts in 4 very different environments across the country. Putting SKRE Summit up against any of the most versatile turkey gear on the market, 3 of the 4 subspecies recognized by the NWTF as a Grand Slam harvest are featured in this film, with the Osceola in Southern Florida being our only exclusion.

Experience the excitement of early season Mississippi in the deep south for eastern Toms as we get a bird in the decoys at daylight right off the roost. In West Texas, windy conditions and hard gobbling birds made for a back and forth stalk to finally get a beautiful Rio Grande Tom in gun range. In Southeastern Kansas, bunched up Toms were lured in by the fanning tactic. Lastly, in South Dakota, an all day hunt ended in a successful afternoon harvest for a multi-color Merriam gobbler.

Please join us for an exciting hunting episode of The Progression.