Thank you very much for your post!! I really appreciate when the people that you buy your gear from acknowledge you and treat you as a friend. Every single person I emailed or talked to on the phone from Skregear made me feel important. I could ask as much questions as I wanted and I never once felt like my answers was rushed or the salesperson wanted to get off the phone. That’s what I call excellent service. You folks aren’t satisfied until I am satisfied. Keep up the excellent work!! Please forward this message to your boss… I’m being completely honest when I say you and your company are really great people and you hear backs it up 100%. I never had a company treat me the average Joe, as if I was a millionaire. I’m not rich and I’m like 80% of your customers. We work hard for our money and it’s awesome we get the service we do and a brilliant product that we can afford, thank you!  Have a nice day.

Kelsey Nacis Sr

For the amount of time I spend outdoors it has been a struggle to find a hunting system that works well for the variety of climates and biomes I face. I contacted SKRE and was responded to in the same day. In the following weeks, SKRE gave me an in depth look at their system, what they stand for, and how they aim to help the hunter. The first time I stepped into the field with the Hardscrabble system it was -34 degrees out. Last week I wore the Hardscrabble pant with side vents open and hiked for two hours at 104 degrees. My favorite part of SKRE’s system is its ability to adapt to varying temperatures, while still providing either the warmth or coolness needed to stay comfortable. I brought this system down to Nebraska this spring and was able to harvest my first archery turkey with SKRE’s help. I ended up with two birds this spring and in all the encounters I faced, not once was I suspected to be there by any of the birds I faced. When SKRE advertises a high country system built for the sportsmen who spend days chasing big game in the mountains, yet this system is able to adapt to Nebraska hill country and South Dakota plains, it shows you just how capable of a system this is.
Lastly, I love SKRE’s responsiveness and willingness to provide the best customer service possible. I admire their passion for making their product for us, the hunter, their number one priority. I’ve been able to share my feedback with them and see them take it into consideration. I continue to recommend this system to every hunter I meet and I thank SKRE for the unending passion to provide the best gear possible to the hunter.
Cody Sharrow
Hell Bent Outdoors

As Public Land Sportsmen, we pride ourselves on hunting over the counter units on public lands. We have all worn and tested may of the clothing lines out there. After seeing Skre Gear we decided we would give it shot. We have now been running Skre since May of 2016 and we are completely sold! We have hunted and scouted in every element of weather Idaho and Colorado could possibly throw at someone. The gear has never failed us or let us down. In fact, the gear has gone way above what our initial expectations were. It not only has a one-of-a-kind concealment pattern, but the strength and durability are unbeatable. Combine these two elements with the comfort and accessibility of the athletic fit, you have an amazing product.

A quick story of how impressed I am with the gear. I went out one morning after it had rained for three days straight. I did not want to wear any rain gear do to the steep and distant hike which was in front of me. I decided to only wear the Hardscrabble Jacket with the Hardscrabble Vest and the t-shirt on top, along with the Hardscrabble Pants. Walking through the soaking wet brush, the pants kept my legs dry for over half-an-hour. I was very impressed with the length of time the pants resisted water. Once the moisture broke the initial water resistance, my pants and legs did get wet. However, unlike many other camo pants, the material does not hold the moisture in the fabric and quickly dries out near a fire or air drying. I stayed completely warm the entire day although the conditions were miserably wet and cold. I would recommend this gear to any and all types of hunters. This extreme mountain gear will keep you on the mountain longer, no questions asked.

Garrett Jones
Public Land Sportsmen


I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you and your company for the quality customer service and excellent gear. This Elk and I met unexpectedly on a high mountain ridge in SE Idaho with only 20 yards of open hillside separating us. So close in fact, as I froze in position, I watched him look over / through me for what felt like an eternity. The SKRE pattern works! Thank you for all of your help this season and going the extra mile to ensure my hunt was successful. My first Bull Elk achieved on October 16th, 2016
Best Regards,

IMG_2726Been using my new SKRE gear and have absolutely falling in love with it! I was worried it was going to be to dark of a camo pattern at a long distance, but that’s not the case at all! All my friends told me they couldn’t pick me out no matter how close or far away I was! I love the athletic fit, I just got back from a 4 day pack trip into the most rugged wilderness in the lower 48, it rained on us, snowed on us and than was 70 degrees all in the same day pretty much! It kept me warm and dry through it all. Than when it was hot it kept me cool enough. I just want to commend the SKRE crew for developing such an awesome product! I have a picture your going to love I would be willing to bet this will be a first time SKRE camo with a wolf!

I just received your Hardscrabble jacket. I love it! I’ve been shopping around for high quality performance gear (i.e. UA, Sitka, ect) and after long hours of research I’ve found your gear is as good, if not better, for a more responsible price. The comfort and fit are amazing and the pattern blends beautifully. I live in Wyoming and hunt just about anything that gets me into the woods. I’ve shown SKRE off to all my hunting buddies and I think you will get plenty more business. I’ll be using it this week for turkey and hope to send your company a picture with my success. Thank you for bringing such a great product into the market. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for SKRE and what else I will buy.


Alberto Lopez

Guys, I usually don’t comment a lot on products but this one deserves it. I have been frustrated for a long time at the prices of even marginal quality camo that I have resorted to shopping the thrift stores for pieces here and there. I am not one to have to have the best of everything but I don’t wont junk either. I live in northeastern AL and also hunt a lease in western KY. This September I will travel to CO to elk hunt . I have refused to buy high end camo up til this point because I could not find camo that I felt like would suit both western hunting and hunting in the south. I read a forum and someone recommended you guys. I was intrigued by the pattern enough to give it a try. Yesterday I received the hardscrabble pants, shirt, and vest. I was impressed immediately. These are the most comfortable hunting clothes I have ever tried on. I am 6’1-165 lbs. Not the easiest build to find clothes for. They fit like a glove. If they hold up in the brush, I will be sold forever. Just keep the prices where the average joe can buy them and you guys have got it made. I read your stories and have much in common with both of you. I grew up hunting ,trapping ,and fishing with my Dad and Grandparents. I was a fourth generation logger/sawmiller until I went to the power industry. Anyway, thanks again for a great product and good luck this season.

Jason Merrill
Graham, AL

I thought I’d say what I think to share what I’ve learned. Obviously they’re recent to the game, and a bowhunting shop I stopped off at in Flagstaff, AZ in my cross country military move pointed them out.


Give western hunters a bit more affordable option using manufacturing sources that are exactly the same or equal to the well known brands. Take a camo idea and apply some actual concealment science to produce a durable, effective camo for nearly all varieties of terrain we find muleys and elk out west. And, frankly, take on Kuiu/First Lite/Kryptek.


Fracture….Cracklature…..words words words – they put some science into naturally occurring themes and made a camo out of it. Marketing or effectiveness is up to the user, more on this later.


True to size. They offer two pants, for example (and my only personal experience) and both fit exactly the same with different weights.


Details to follow, but the most impressive thing was cargo pocket placement. Genius and comfy.

-Customer service

Legendary. Seriously. I talked back and forth with Mike Wand for well over a week and couldn’t be more impressed. These guys are Utah based, love the life and are as dedicated to the craft as anyone in the industry. Not to mention, as personable as it can get – especially if you consider the industry and competition they’re in to. It’s impressive – I cannot overstate that.

-My experience

I’m a Kryotek guy, at least what I’m outfitted with. I’d had some recent issues with their customer service and regardless of my thoughts, I was ready to pull the trigger on new camo. I was leaning hard towards Kuiu, but was thinking more open minded since First Lite dropped the Corrugated Guide pants to jump into the tech pant game. I had stopped on a cross country military move in Arizona at a local bow shop since they were listed as a FL dealer. (Sidebar: the corrugated guide pants are the real deal – very impressed with fit an finish. Anywho, he mentioned Skre, so I followed up.

Mike answered emails, questions, prodding and general annoyance with grace and excitement. I’ve been increasingly excited about their gear for a bit, and decide to order. I go with Kryptek Alaios pants, so I couldn’t decide which of their pants to get: the Hardscrabble (think softshell Kuiu Attack or a lighter Kryptek Dalibor) or the Uinta Early Season (think heavy Kryptek Valhalla-ish.) So, I ordered both. Today, they showed up…

On that aforementioned cross country trip, I stopped in Dixon, CA to the Kuiu showroom. I tried on everything they make. I own Kryptek. (Just for background.) Fellas….I’m impressed. The Hardscrabble is much like the Kuiu Attack, but slightly lighter. Multi-stretch, hip vents, VERY well designed and placed cargo pockets. This pant is awesome, not gonna lie. Fit? Well, it’s fit – as individual as anything gets. I cant wear Attack pants as they come, but the Alpine fit like a dream. Can’t tell you why. Just that it’s true. The Skre? They’re kind of in the middle – which to me honestly means a really good fit. When I opened both packages I thought the Uinta early seasons would be my choice, but damn – unless you’re hunting some warm weather, I think the Hardscrabble is as good, and as versatile, a pant as you can get. The stretch is perfect with still feeling durable, pocket placement is perfect, and the weight is awesome combined with the hip vents. The Uintas, however – great pant. Super lightweight with a rip stop design, stretch, and same pocket placement. Both pants also have a nice feature of a rubber-like grip strip in the waistband that is super effective but non-intrusive. Haven’t seen it in a pant before but well thought out and executed. Just sticky enough to hold a shirt in but not to be annoying. The pants are light, seem super durable (at a minimum up to industry standard), well designed pockets, great camo pattern, and as good as customer service that exists.

Of note – it’s a newer company so they’re developing merino base layers, and who knows what else. They’re also developing even more camo patterns with the same scientific background to serve everywhere on the planet. So if it doesn’t float your boat now, it probably will.

Oh by the way? Brand new, no discount price on their gear is WAY lower than the industry leaders – and they will happily tell you that Kuiu and Kryptek are their direct competitors. I’d take that seriously – these guys are all in and making fantastic gear. (Either pant weight, $109. Vest $99. Softshell jacket with hood $169. Standby merino everything….)


Chad-Roberts“Well I finally was able to spend a day in the hard scrabble pant. When I started it was 59 degrees and when I finished it was 91. I worked 11 miles of mesquite thickets and cat law and I can tell you I am beyond impressed. I didn’t get to climb in it but didn’t really need to because it moves well with you. At the end of the day it still looks new and regulated temps well which is a big deal because I tend to run on the hotter side. That being said if there was something that I would ask for it would be a short sleeve shirt and maybe a lighter long sleeve for us lower desert guys. Some people may think it’s too dark but the darker colors have been more effective in my own experience.”

-Chad Roberts





seanAs an avid hunter for over 30 years, I have realized that the clothing and gear used on my hunts are just as important to me as the hunt itself.  In my younger years it was simply making sure I had enough layers on to stay warm. (usually cotton) I remember even taking a few years off from hunting after suffering from hypothermia at age 17 while hauling out an elk in the mountains of Colorado. I had to cross a river in the dark and needless to say I fell and was completely submerged in the water and the layers of cotton clothing made things go from bad to worse. After that episode, I took a few years off from hunting, and really questioned whether or not I wanted to be a hunter. After a few years off I realized that being in the mountains and hunting was a lifestyle that I needed to help me balance out my daily stress. I had a few others hunts during the years after my hypothermia incident, and even though I tagged out with trophy quality animals, all I can remember was how cold, miserable, and wet I was with my low quality hunting clothing.

Through many years and some tough hunts I have realized the need for top quality hunting clothing and have since budgeted money every couple of years to have the most advanced clothing. In some cases I have researched and read of what the so called experts had to say, in other cases, I simply purchased what I thought would be the most effective to have the most successful hunt, as well as the most successful experience.

This past year (2015), I had noticed some hunting clothing that a friend of mine was wearing in his hunting pictures. The first thing I thought, was wow that camo pattern was neat looking. I then proceeded to ask him about the clothing. The clothing he was wearing was SKRE. I then beat him up to see if he would loan me a few pieces for my Desert sheep hunt in Old Mexico.  He gave me a number of pieces to use, and after 5 days of hunting in the desert of Mexico, I was amazed at the quality, and the ability to stay warm in the morning and cool in the afternoon. I was also amazed that the stickers and poky bushes did not fray or tear any of the clothing. I came back from Mexico and then turned around to go on a late season deer hunt in Northern Arizona. From the very first morning of the hunt, it snowed for 4 days straight, and after the snow the temperature never rose above 15 degrees for the next three days. I can honestly say that the SKRE gear was amazing and did the job in all aspects you would want from quality hunting clothing. SKRE will be my exclusive hunting clothing from this point forward. SKRE makes a good hunt great by not having to worry or think about being too hot, too cold or blowing an animal out because your camo pattern sticks out like a sore thumb.

The considerations I look for in hunting clothing are:

1.) Temperature control (keeping me warm, and the ability to stay cool)

2.) Fit – to me there is nothing worse then stalking an animal but because the clothing doesn’t fit properly, the crotch, armpit area’s and others, rub and causes an excessive amount of noise.

3.) Camo Pattern- After all, I am hunting and this requires the ability to not be seen by the animal, Don’t forget, you want to look cool in front of your hunting buddies.

4.) Multi- purpose- can I use the clothing on my early season hunts in Arizona, and on my late season hunts in British Columbia? Layering- is the clothing built in a fashion that allows me to layer accordingly.

5.) Style, Fashion- this sounds ridiculous, but face it, we all want to wear clothing that looks good. When I harvest a trophy animal, and I am putting in a lot of effort to make sure the animal and environment look good, I also want to make sure I put the effort into myself looking good. In this day in age with social media, who knows who might see you (could be your future wife, or the director for your next movie.. lol)

6.) SERVICE: Is the product a one stop shop for all of my hunting clothing needs, and does the company back it up and provide excellent customer service? I also like to have a relationship with a product line or manufacturer that considers the relationship mutual. If you are treated well, there is no better sales force than your existing customers word of mouth.

Sean Paxton
Anthem, AZ