Hunting apparel partnership

Become a social media partner and get free gear.

Becoming a partner is easy, fill out the form to the right, get approved and start getting gear.

There are certain requirements to become a partner. Here is a list of prerequisites to join.

  • 5,000+ likes on Facebook.
  • 5,000+ follower on Instagram.
  • Your audience must be a hunting related industry.
  • Must be willing to post to your social media followers on our behalf.

To become a partner you must be willing to publish SKRE content to your social media. (We will provide the content.) Don’t worry we won’t ask you to spam your followers. We will also provide you a unique promo code for you to use and to give to your followers. If you fulfill these requirements we will give you a store credit that you can use at anytime to purchase SKRE gear.