Outfitter Recommended Hunting Clothing

Outfitter Recommended Hunting Clothing

SKRE is not only engaged in the hunting business. Within our creations, we have developed a large number of pieces that you can use for other outdoor activities such as fishing or sailing. Even a lot of our outfits are perfect for people who belong to state and federal services such as forest rangers, military, and anyone who needs to get into nature.

In this way, these customers can benefit from the tremendous technological advances that we have developed for our outfits, which allow a lightweight, thermostable, resistant to climate changes and safe clothing. Your costumes will adhere to you like a second skin and will enable you to develop your activities with full freedom and protection. It is propitious to know the products that are designed precisely for this purpose.

SKRE Outfitter Recommended Hunting Clothing

1. Base Layers

The comfort of these pieces is unique. Manufacturing fabrics allow free transpiration and keep the body at a stable temperature. A remarkable feature is that all the pieces are camouflaged, in Summit or Mountain Stealth pattern.

The protagonist of this piece is Merino Wool. It provides so many advantages for outdoor activities that it is one of the most popular bases and insulating materials in the industry. The Merino is a warm, breathable, and moisture wicking material.

2. Rain Gear

SKRE has developed rain outfits that are 100% waterproof, thanks to its 20k waterproof barrier. The fabrics are super light; it is also effortless to store in their cases (included), which makes them portable & convenient.

Within our stock, you will find rain jackets, rain pants, and hardscrabble gaiters. One of the main concerns of our brand is its comfort, and we have developed these pieces so that they have excellent control of the humidity, and allow their skin to transpire without problems.

3. Outer Layer Protection

Finish your outfit with these remarkable pieces. The brand has you: pants, jackets, hoodies, vests, and balaclavas. Enjoy the most advanced technologies, such as the MTN-LITE quick dry, the Water Resistant Teflon Shield DWR finish, and the YKK zippers.

4. Field Gear

Every day there are more accessories and gadgets that the brand develops for you. Currently, you can buy knives, cases for binoculars, and other useful elements such as the tenacious tape. The kits share waterproof technology to preserve the integrity of your equipment.

Enjoy Our Guide & Outfitter Program

Our company has developed this initiative aimed at the customers who use our clothing for professional purposes. If you are a licensed guide or outfitter, you can apply for this program, where you can acquire all our outfitter recommended hunting clothing at a discount price. It is an opportunity that you cannot miss. If you wish to access this benefit, you should merely apply here and wait for approval.

SKRE is a company that hunts is in our fibers. For our founder, Mike Nielson hunting and outdoor activities have been his life. Growing up in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in Utah, he has a vast personal experience that has brought into the industry. In this sense, our creations are focused on the needs of the hunter or the outfitter.

We are the premier company for producing outfits and equipment for the practice of the hunting sport, and for other outdoor activities. If you want to place your order, just add the items to your shopping cart. If you want additional information, just contact us.

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Outfitter Recommended Hunting Clothing Outfitter Recommended Hunting Clothing