What's Your Skre country?

Dangerous, steep, and rough are all words used to describe the wilderness serious hunters love to hunt. People hunt to connect with nature, wild things, and wild places. Venturing into the backcountry, or into the woods requires serious gear. SKRE was designed for the adventure and the serious hunter. SKRE was born out of the Rocky Mountains and forged to tackle Rugged Country. Simply put, SKRE Gear is designed to tackle rugged country and extreme elements. “SKRE country” is really about hunters throwing down in epic country. Why SKRE? Because if you want to hunt big dangerous country, you’re going to need the gear to get you there and back.


We will give away a SKRE Swag Bundle, which will include two hats and two t-shirts (winner’s choice), each month, to people who use the #SKRECountry hashtag on Instagram. Throughout the campaign, we will also do bi-weekly giveaways on social media, where followers have to tag two friends and follow to be entered to win.