Partnership portal

Partnerships can be as simple as being a beta tester for new items, but it can range to a paid sponsorship with cart blanche access to all our gear. Please note we have programs available immediately, where you don’t have to fill out the General Partnership Application. As an example, you can sign up to be a SKRE Affiliate online right away. This program generates a coupon code that offers your friends, family and followers 10% while simultaneously giving you 10% commission on gross revenue. Typically, we recommend not to move forward with that program until you have been able to field test the gear for 30 days and can authentically stand behind our products. In fact, before you decide on any type of partnership, and even before you fill out the General Partnership Application, we highly recommend you get a few pieces to make sure the products work for you.

We hope this helps and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts. We are always open to negotiating unique deals that fall outside of traditional partnerships as well, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel you would be a good fit for SKRE.