Where does the name SKRE come from?
A: SKRE (/skrē/) is the pronunciation for Scree which is defined by Websters as:
  1. an accumulation of loose stones or rocky debris lying on a slope or at the base of a hill or cliff.


What makes SKRE gear unique to the hunting industry?

We utilize proprietary materials that result in a layering system that is breathable, quiet and mountain durable. Our MTN-STEALTH camouflage pattern is the most universal pattern in the industry. Gone are the days of needing multiple patterns for multiple habitat environments. MTN-STEALTH has taken mountain concealment to a whole new level.

What is the science behind the MTN-STEALTH pattern?

We partnered with one of the world leaders in camouflage design to bring you the most universal pattern in the industry. Whether you are hunting above timberline or the high desert, MTN-STEALTH is the most effective pattern for multiple habitat environments. In the past, camouflage design has been a semi random placement of color and shape to disrupt the targets true shape, or camouflage patterns have attempted to mimic natural camouflage, in both cases these designs actually go too far in random patterns or specific mimicry to provide a better camouflage. Making the most effective camouflage requires a working knowledge of visual systems, color science, micro/macro-geography, natural fractal geometry and a host of other sciences including but not limited to Physics, Chemistry and Biology. What we attempt to do with fractal camouflage is to merge common shapes with the correct background and then scale them to the appropriate size to properly disrupt the shape of the target. This is what makes MTN-STEALTH universal in multiple habitat environments, and extremely deadly when closing the distance on a trophy of a lifetime.

Do you have an outfitter program?

Yes. Please fill out an Outfitter Application found in our Partnership Portal.

What kind of warranty does SKRE offer?

LIFETIME:  We offer a best in class warranty. SKRE gear is warranted for materials and workmanship for the life of the merchandise. We will attempt to repair damage caused by normal wear and tear at a reasonable cost.  Bottom line, SKRE will refund your money 100% Guaranteed!   Visit our website for more details.

Is SKRE available in Retail stores?

Currently SKRE is available at our website only. Our direct retail model allows us to keep prices low by eliminating the middle man. We believe that taking out a loan is something you do to purchase a home, not hunting gear. Our mission is to provide extreme gear, for extreme hunters at an affordable price. Our clothing can also be purchased at hunting expo's throughout the west.

Are you coming out with a women's line?

SKRE is currently considering a women's line in the future. A release date has not been determined.

Are you coming out with a child's line?

SKRE is considering a children's line in the future. A release date has not been determined.