Mark Wilson Hunts Whitetail and Nilgai

Hunting with SKRE Gear

thumbnail_image1-1New Mexico Pronghorn Hunt

I had been exposed to SKRE gear via New Mexico guide during a pronghorn hunt. The pattern and quality of the gear grabbed my attention.
I soon after began to acquire a complete package of SKRE attire to wear in South Texas hunting where I call home.
I needed flexibility for winter deer and Nilgai hunting here as was expecting temperature fluctuations from 80/60 to 34/27 over just a couple of days.


From the base layers to mid and outer, I wore them all. They all served me well. To date, SKRE is the best stuff I have owned. If you look at the quality you will see. The zippers and all the stitching are built to last and I don’t see how will come apart.

Skre Purchase

Mike at SKRE has been superb at customer service. I am well pleased with everything to date and look forward to the release of more products.
My son and daughter hunt with me and we had a productive season.
During the cold weekend, I was fortunate to take a nice South Texas whitetail and two Nilgai. I love to hunt Nilgai.

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