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Not one to normally leave reviews but after the outstanding customer service I’ve received from the folks at SKRE Gear, I knew I just had to share. I love the quality gear at a reasonable price, but I really appreciate when a business goes above and beyond to help out when the consumer put themselves in a tough spot. Thanks guys, your actions earned my loyalty.

Samuel Weaver / Google

I’ve owned and used most of the technical clothing companies products over the years and have to say SKRE is doing an amazing job!! I tested some of the mountain stealth items on a moose hunt in Alaska in 2017 and was amazed at how comfortable and effective their clothing was in that environment! I think they have shot up to the top quickly as one of the best in this industry. I’m excited to try the new Summit pattern on a return trip to Alaska this year with my son and on future elk hunts!! Keep up the great work SKRE!!

Barrett Brown / Facebook

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you to skre for the incredible customer service they provide! For the longest time I struggled to find a camo pattern that looked good in Colorado’s dark timber that wasn’t going to drain my bank account. I found skre and have never looked back, my friends and family have now started their own personal skre bundle! Looks great and works even better thank you skre!

Zackary McEwen / Google