Turkey Hunt with Josh Allsop

Turkey hunt

It was our last few days we had to Turkey hunt, so we decided to go to our traditional turkey hunting spot for the weekend. We chased after a few turkeys Saturday morning, but they were so flighty we couldn’t get close enough to get a good shot. Saturday afternoon rolled around and we were starting to worry about our chances of shooting a nice tom.

Spotting a Tom

Later that afternoon we spotted a tom with a couple hens down by the river. They spotted us at the same time we saw them, so they put their heads down and headed up the river. We made a quick game plan and decided I’d head up above them and try to cut them off. After the first knoll, I could stay hidden behind I started down toward the turkeys. I saw one of the hens coming my way, so I sat down on the backside of the knoll.  Thanks to my Skre Gear camo they had no idea I was there. The first two hens walked right in front of me, and then the redhead started walking my way. I sat silently waiting for him to get close enough for me to take the shot. Finally, after a few minutes, he came close enough to me to get a clean shot. I put my sights right on his head and pulled the trigger. I knew I had hit him when he started doing the “funky chicken” down the hill. I can truly contribute the success of this hunt to my Skre Gear for keeping me hidden, warm, and comfortable.

– Josh Allsop

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