Stalking a Monster by Derek Bowler

Deer hunting father and son

It was November 14th and it was a somewhat of a cloudy day out and there was a light frost on the ground. We woke up about 5:00 A.M. and went deep in the badlands where monster mule deer lay. As soon as day breaks I use my spotting scope and see a big mile deer about seven to eight hundred yards away bedded with about 5 does around him. My friend and I went to get a closer look about him by stalking him with our Skre Gear that was so silent they couldn’t hear a thing.  We are now about 200 yards away and we finally get a closer look. A big mature buck. He had some bail string wrapped around his antlers and it really added some character to the buck. I got my .308 ready and put the shot right behind the shoulder and dropped him in his tracks. Thanks to Skre Gear it made possible for me to shoot a stud of a buck.

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