Dave Petersen Hunting 2018 in Review

Deer hunt with SKRE hunting apparel and clothing

After ordering my first extreme all season bundle in the Summit pattern at the Denver expo in 2018, I have since added the extreme all season package in the Mountain Stealth pattern. Hands down the best bang for the buck when it comes to hunting apparel. Whether its early season with warmer weather to the late season negative degree temps, this gear performs at the highest of levels. It is comfortable, quiet and withstands whatever mother nature has to throw at you. Whether it’s calling predators, chasing elk through the hills or spot and stalking mule deer and antelope, I’ll be wearing SKRE. I was blessed this year with the opportunity to put my tags on some of the best animals I’ve harvested to date including harvesting my first bull elk in the last place I would have expected. While muzzle loading antelope out on the plains I ran across this 6 point bull roaming through the landowners cattle that I was hunting. A few of us always have a tag in our pocket being that elk are seen randomly out there but rarely does anyone have the opportunity to actually shoot one let alone see one. This was one of my best years of hunting and I’m glad I had SKRE with me. Won’t go hunting without it.