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5 Things You Need For An All Day Tree Stand Sit

Sweet November Sweet November means only one thing. It’s time for all day sits in the tree stand. The whitetail rut is approaching quickly in the northeast. In some patches, it likely has begun already. For most, the rut provides an amazing opportunity for hunters to encounter bucks they’ve been chasing all season or bucks […]

Best Cold Weather Hunting Clothes

Best Cold Weather Hunting Clothes

The title of this article “Best Cold Weather Hunting Clothes” may seem like a generic title for a generic article, but I’d wager that title gets entered into Google search on a daily basis more times than I can count. Especially in the fall as the weather turns cold and hunters are looking to brave […]

The Well Rounded Hunter

Winter hunting gear

One of the things that I look back on over the years that has impacted my journey in one of the most dramatic ways, is hunting multiple environments and doing so successfully.  I’ve always found it important to be as well rounded in my pursuits as possible. Bow hunting is one of those activities where […]

Archery Hunting Clothing

Archery hunt from tree stand

The days of having limited choices when it comes to selecting archery hunting clothing are long gone. I grew up in the era of blue jeans and heavy cotton jackets that accompanied most hunters in their hunting exploits. Hunting apparel back than was heavy, had poor insulation, very little performance, and was usually faced off […]

Merino Wool

Merino Wool Camo Hunting apparel

Why Merino Wool? I get asked this question often as hunters search for a solid base layer that has all the performance qualities they are looking for. If you’ve never tried merino wool before it may just be the perfect blend of performance and features you are looking for in a next-to-skin layer. Merino is […]