The Well Rounded Hunter

Winter hunting gear

One of the things that I look back on over the years that has impacted my journey in one of the most dramatic ways, is hunting multiple environments and doing so successfully.  I’ve always found it important to be as well rounded in my pursuits as possible. Bow hunting is one of those activities where […]

Archery Hunting Clothing

Archery hunt from tree stand

The days of having limited choices when it comes to selecting archery hunting clothing are long gone. I grew up in the era of blue jeans and heavy cotton jackets that accompanied most hunters in their hunting exploits. Hunting apparel back than was heavy, had poor insulation, very little performance, and was usually faced off […]

Which Pattern is Right for Me?

SKRE gear hunting gear bundle

MTN-STEALTH & the New SUMMIT concealment pattern were both designed using our scientifically field tested algorithms to excel in multiple habitat environments. Universal Pattern  MTN Stealth MTN Stealth was created using a micro-algorithm which thrives in thick vegetative environments.This is a great pattern for chasing bugles in the thick timber or sitting in a tree […]