Best Cold Weather Hunting Clothes

Best Cold Weather Hunting Clothes

The title of this article “Best Cold Weather Hunting Clothes” may seem like a generic title for a generic article, but I’d wager that title gets entered into Google search on a daily basis more times than I can count. Especially in the fall as the weather turns cold and hunters are looking to brave […]


I recently stumbled on to a washing instruction tag that read, “Flip inside out, and hand wash cold water so you don’t ruin it like everything else in your life” While these instructions provided me with a good laugh, there is some legitimacy to following directions, at least as it pertains to getting the ultimate […]

The Progression Series | Episode 5 – Spring Turkey

Episode 5 of The Progression Series is dedicated to spring turkey hunting, bringing you along on 4 very different hunts in 4 very different environments across the country. Putting SKRE Summit up against any of the most versatile turkey gear on the market, 3 of the 4 subspecies recognized by the NWTF as a Grand […]