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Hunting High Pressure Areas for Whitetails. Where, When, and How.

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High-Pressure Areas` High-pressure areas are hard to hunt. But it can be rewarding to tag a mature buck when you outsmart the buck and the masses.  Sometimes it doesn’t mean public land. Anywhere that hunting pressure is heavy, you will need to adjust accordingly.  It’s the same old story, you bow Hunt hard early, and […]

10 reasons Why you’re not finding more sheds.

how to find deer antler sheds

Find More Sheds 10. You’re looking straight ahead and not scanning from side to side. You’re not looking behind you every once in awhile. 9. You’re looking at your cell phone, on Facebook,  Instagram, etc. instead of looking around for antlers. 8. You’re looking in places where there are no deer during shedding time. 7. […]