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Best Cold Weather Hunting Clothes

Best Cold Weather Hunting Clothes

The title of this article “Best Cold Weather Hunting Clothes” may seem like a generic title for a generic article, but I’d wager that title gets entered into Google search on a daily basis more times than I can count. Especially in the fall as the weather turns cold and hunters are looking to brave […]


I recently stumbled on to a washing instruction tag that read, “Flip inside out, and hand wash cold water so you don’t ruin it like everything else in your life” While these instructions provided me with a good laugh, there is some legitimacy to following directions, at least as it pertains to getting the ultimate […]

Which Pattern is Right for Me?

MTN-STEALTH & the New SUMMIT concealment pattern were both designed using our scientifically field-tested algorithms to excel in multiple habitat environments. Universal Pattern MTN Stealth MTN Stealth was created using a micro-algorithm which thrives in thick vegetative environments. This is a great pattern for chasing bugles in the thick timber or sitting in a tree […]

Hunting & Wilderness Survival

hunting and wilderness survival in the mountains

Wilderness Survival They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Consequently, a few of the scores of hunter’s who go each year afield don’t get a second chance to learn from their mistakes. The bones of hunters, gathers, mountain men, and explorers across the ages are strewn across the rugged mountains of North America […]