10 reasons Why you’re not finding more sheds.

how to find deer antler sheds

Find More Sheds

10. You’re looking straight ahead and not scanning from side to side. You’re not looking behind you every once in awhile.

9. You’re looking at your cell phone, on Facebook,  Instagram, etc. instead of looking around for antlers.

8. You’re looking in places where there are no deer during shedding time.

7. You’re walking too fast.

6. You’re walking an area with a friend and more worried about where they are and what they’re finding then paying attention to your surroundings.

5. You’re searching for bedding areas too early in the season, pushing the Bucks off of the property.

4. You’re not walking enough. You’re not covering enough area. The average mileage per one antler in the midwest is 5 miles.

3. You’re looking for a whole antler, while you need to be looking for antler shapes, “pieces” or “points” of tines, the arch of a Tines Down Antler. Anything to tip you off to the presence of an antler.

2. You’ve been beaten to the good spot. Someone else has watched the deer and figured out when they shed. They beat you to the antlers that were surely there. Atl’s for the other guy.

1. And last but not least the number one reason why you’re not finding antlers is you are in your recliner or on the couch.

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